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Glacier Comic Strip - Science and Language Arts for grades 3-5

In this activity, students will read about Dan Grossman's experience on a glacier and gather information about glaciers.

1. As a class, read the January 27th journal entry that tells of Dan Grossman's exciting escapade as he lowered himself over the edge of a glacier cliff.

2. Create a map that shows the sequence of events that Dan encountered on the glacier.

3. Divide the students into small groups. Ask each group to create a four-panel comic strip based on Dan's report. Provide the groups with the following questions to aid in their planning:
  •  What were the key events in the journal?
  •  How did Dan react?
  •  How do you think Dan was feeling?
  •  How might you have reacted?
  •  How might you best capture the mood?
  •  Will your comic strip contain humor, excitement, or drama?
  •  How will your illustrations complement the text?

4. Create a classroom exhibit where students can post and share their work with others.