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Antarctic Wildlife Mural - Science for grades 3-5

The purpose of this activity is to provide background information for the students on Antarctic wildlife and habitats.

Learning Objective: Students will be able to synthesize information from a variety of sources. Students will be able to create an artistic mural that highlights their learning about Antarctic animals.

1. Divide the students into groups. Provide the students with the following list of animals and ask each group to choose one.
  •  Blue Whales
  •  Adelie Penguins
  •  Giant Petrel Birds

2. Create a class mural that contains drawings and written information about each group's example of Antarctic wildlife. As the students learn more about each animal, have them continue to add information to their mural.

3. After the mural is complete, invite other classes to visit the mural. Have your students conduct a tour that explains each of the animals in the mural, and what they have learned about the animals.
Teacher Note: Some good Web sites to begin research are listed on the teacher's bookmarks page.

4. Learning Log Entry: Ask students to create a page for their selected example of Antarctic wildlife, and record facts about it. Encourage them to continue adding information to the log throughout the coming month. If possible, encourage them to include drawing or collected photographs in the log. (They might want to use the "Search Images" function at www.google.com or at www.yahooligans.com.)