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Antarctic Wildlife Quiz - Science for grades 3-5

The purpose of this activity is to provide background information for the students on Antarctic wildlife and habitats.

1. Send two students to visit the Antarctic Wildlife Quiz in the wildlife section of the WBUR Antarctica page. Then have them choose three facts, and write the facts they have chosen on large strips of paper.

2. Tell the two students that they are going to conduct a True/False test with the rest of the students, and that they have the option of altering the three facts to make them false, or leaving them as they are. They must read each of the facts aloud to the entire class, and ask the class to vote on whether on not each fact is true or false.

3. Count the votes; the majority rules. Send two new students to the Antarctica Wildlife Quiz to verify whether the class has voted for the correct answers. The two students must report back to the class with what they have found. These two students must correct the false facts. When all facts are correct, post them in the classroom.

4. Continue this exercise with different students so the entire class has an opportunity to use the Antarctic Wildlife Quiz on the Web site.