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Glacier Expedition - Science and Language Arts for grades 6-8

In this activity, students will read about Dan Grossman's experience on a glacier and gather information about glaciers.

1. As a class, read the January 27th journal entry that tells of Dan Grossman's exciting escapade as he lowered himself over the edge of a glacier cliff.

2. Have students discuss what they learned about glaciers from Dan's entry. Ask students what they would like to learn about glaciers and record the responses on the board.

3. Tell students that they have been asked to create two sections for a new Web site about glaciers. One section is "Glacier Facts" and the other is "Glacier Questions and Answers." Divide students into small groups and assign them one of the two sections

4. Encourage students to use a variety of sources to complete this assignment. Some suggestions:
7. Provide time for groups to share their work.

8. Extension idea: Provide students with containers, rocks and sand, water and access to a freezer. Ask students to create a model glacier using these materials.