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Antarctic Information Campaign - Science/Language Arts for grades 6-8

The purpose of this activity is to encourage students to research, assess and summarize information on Antarctic wildlife in a variety of formats.

Learning Objectives: Students will be able to synthesize information from a variety of sources. Students will be able to identify Antarctic animal habitats, food chain relationships, and characteristics.

1. Ask the class to imagine that they have been asked to create a campaign to inform the public about Antarctic wildlife. Divide the class into small groups for this activity. Each group may choose from the following list of wildlife found in Antarctica:
  • Adelie Penguin
  • Blue Whale
  • Giant Petrel
  • Krill
  • Dolphins

2. Each group must select one of the following tasks:
  •  Create a public service announcement in the form of a one-minute television commercial that describes an example of Antarctic wildlife. The commercial must include information on habitat, characteristics etc.

  •  Create an illustrated picture book for students in grades 1-3 that highlights key aspects of your chosen example of Antarctic wildlife.

  •  Create and conduct a scientific panel that describes key environmental concerns regarding your example of Antarctic wildlife.

  •  Create a Web page containing text and photographs that describe your example of Antarctic wildlife.

3. Each group should present the results of its work to the entire class. Ask students to create a page in their Antarctica Learning Log for their selected example of Antarctic wildlife, and record facts about it. Encourage them to continue adding information to the log throughout the coming month. If possible, encourage them to include drawing or collected photographs in the log. They might want to use the "Search Images" function at images.google.com or at www.yahooligans.com

Teacher Note: Some good Web sites to use for research include the following: