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Question 3

Do you have student loan or credit card debt?

Photo prompt #3: Take a picture of the most expensive thing you own.

Oh, students loans. They sound okay when you’re signing the document. You never think you’ll be out of work for more than six months, because who wouldn’t want to hire a college graduate?

If I could tell my younger self that I would go over nine months without a job, I would have thought twice about signing that paperwork. I have four separate loans, one of which is federal.

It would be nice if I could consolidate them all together into one giant loan so I could somehow manage it better, but what bank would be willing to take three private loans and one federal loan together, without some huge interest rate or payment plan worse then what I have now?

Per month, they are more than rent and food! How can someone be expected to pay that much when they are not working? There should be a clause in all students loans that states: “If you are not fully employed, you only have to pay interest, indefinitely.”

I’ve used up all the deferments I can possibly use on these things and every month they want more and more.

Filing for bankruptcy isn’t going to help, as the loans are not covered. When I’m watching TV, I see ads for these services, which are always talking about, “if you’re underwater with credit card debt or the IRS or can’t get a car loan.” Me, I’m completely on my own, plain and simple.

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