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Question 6

Has your emotional well-being been affected by your situation?

Photo prompt #6: Your greatest source of stress

I don’t get how anyone in this type of situation can seem positive.

Good jobs just aren’t available and it seems like I’ll be paying off my loans until the day I die at this rate. It seems that unless I’m a happy, outgoing person, I can’t get a job working retail. But how can I be?

I’m thousands of dollars in debt applying for a job that pays $8 an hour.

If this economic situation hadn’t happened, I would probably be making three times that by now! It just makes me feel very useless and very lied to. That after college I would be part of the working class, helping society run. Now I’m just a drain on my family and the very society that I wanted to be a working part of!

It hurts my very moral fiber doing this but I don’t feel like I have any options. It doesn’t seem like anyone has an use for a college graduate with three years experience in IT, outside of siting in a chair reading a script in customer support, which I really suck at.

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