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Hubbub Explainer: Why You Couldn't Buy Beer Yesterday

Published June 1, 2010

Out of beer (Chris Devers/Flickr)

Out of beer (Chris Devers/Flickr)

Did you try to celebrate the long weekend yesterday by picking up a six-pack at your neighborhood liquor store? If you’re like me, you scratched your head when you got turned away.

Turns out Massachusetts bans liquor sales on Memorial Day. It’s just one of the commonwealth’s arcane blue laws, which might have made sense in the Puritan days, but which now just make it hard to drink on the days you most want to — weekends and holidays.

I got a little lost trying to make sense of it all, so I called Ralph Sacramone, executive director of the state’s Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission. Here’s the rub.

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What Will You Do With Your Kids This Summer?

Published June 1, 2010

(Peter Blanchard/Flickr)

(Peter Blanchard/Flickr)

Summer is about to start, which means families across Massachusetts are scrambling to find child care for the next three months.

The newsroom is collecting stories of innovative child care, and we want to hear yours. What do you do with the kids? Camp is expensive — prohibitively so for many families. My colleague Deborah Becker tells me a friend volunteered her child to wash dishes at a camp so that he could attend free. The family could only afford one or two weeks of the 12-week, multi-thousand-dollar program.

Some towns are offering public, low-cost summer programs on a first come, first served basis. Apparently the demand is so high in some places that parents queue up in the middle of the night. A quick Google search reveals Sudbury, Littleton, Franklin and Littleton are some of the towns that offer these public programs. The enrollment period is now.

Share your summer child care stories in the comments. We may like to contact you, so please leave a real e-mail address. (Your e-mail address will never be published on wbur.org.)

  • tweets: our summer #tennis & reading program is free & @ 20+ #Boston parks! Check us out: www.tenacity.org
  • tweets: taking 2 of mine on a camping trip as I teach people how to raise and milk goats sustainably

Zipcar: We Aren't Making Money, But You Should Invest In Us

Published June 1, 2010

You gotta admit, for a company speculated to be considering an IPO for years, waiting didn’t cost it a good ticker symbol. If all goes well, Zipcar will soon trade on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the zippy little moniker “ZIP.”

Zipcar logo

Zipcar is a Cambridge company.

In a regulatory filing, the Cambridge car-sharing company announced it’s filing for an initial public offering.  By going public, it hopes to raise as much $75 million.  It hasn’t said how many shares would be issued at what prices.

Zipcar rents cars mostly in metropolitan areas and on college campuses. It boasts 400,000 members, who pay a time-based rate but don’t have to worry about gas or insurance.

But ever since Zipcar hit the pavement in 2000, it has never made a profit.  That’s mainly because Zipcar has been growing, buying up competitors and moving into international markets such as London.

The SEC filing also reveals Zipcar is looking for more acquisitions and still may not make a profit for years.

2 From Cape Might Have Been Aboard 'Free Gaza' Flotilla

Published June 1, 2010

A Brewster man tells the Globe (Herald had it first!) that his son, Fiachra Ó Luain, was among the activists on the “Free Gaza” flotilla seized by Israeli commandos Monday.

Joseph Bangert says he has not talked to his son but that he saw him walking off the boat in a YouTube video — arms, legs and all. Sen. John Kerry’s office said Bangert’s son was “seriously injured” in the raid.

The Globe says a 63-year-old woman from Woods Hole was also listed as being onboard.

These videos were shot, annotated and posted by the Israeli government:

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How Could This Happen? Outrage Over Teen Shooting

Published June 1, 2010

It sounds like a gruesome scene from “The Wire.” A 14-year-old boy takes a ride on his older brother’s scooter. It’s still daylight on Sunday. A few minutes later, two men snatch him off. One holds the boy down while the other empties a gun into his chest. An undercover officer watches the whole thing.

But this scene really took place, police say, and it happened in Boston, not Baltimore. The boy was Nicholas Fomby-Davis, of Dorchester. On the same day, a teenager was stabbed to death in Mattapan. And a 27-year-old man was shot and killed in Dorchester. Three weeks ago, another 14-year-old boy, Jaewon Martin, was shot while playing basketball.