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Hubbub Explainer: 'Gangsters' Have Rights, Too

Published June 3, 2010

It looks like a wanted poster. Mug shots of young, black men with “Boston Police Department” printed on top. Underneath, in red text: “Anyone with information on these individuals is asked to call Boston Police Crime Stoppers.”

But none of the 10 men photographed is actually wanted for a crime. The intent of the flier is confusing.

I called Boston Police Department spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll today to explain.

“The Boston Police Department is hoping that if community members who are familiar with these individuals, that we know to be involved in violent activity — they are self-identified members of a violent street gang — we hope that the community will come forward, even in an anonymous way, with activity that they are involved in, because even an anonymous tip can lead to a successful investigation.”

The BPD has never done this before, and neither Driscoll nor anyone else I spoke with knows of it happening elsewhere.

On Wednesday, I raised the concern that the flier might infringe upon the alleged gang members’ constitutional rights.

I called Harvey Silverglate, a well-known First Amendment lawyer in Boston. He gasped when he saw the flier in the Globe yesterday. He’s outraged that more people aren’t, well, outraged about it.

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That's About 500,000 Dime Bags

Published June 3, 2010

After the bust, there’s always the photo.

That's about 2,000 pounds of pot. (Boston Police Department)

About 2,000 pounds of pot in Mattapan (Boston Police Department)

Boston police officers were at an apartment building yesterday in Mattapan, executing an unrelated search warrant, when they saw someone flee. The man told them he mistakenly thought the cops were looking for him.

The cops smelled pot, so they entered his apartment. And found 40 bales of marijuana wrapped in black plastic. About 2,000 pounds, valued at about $5 million. That’s 32,000 times the limit of non-criminal possession in Massachusetts.

The suspect, Edgar Gonzales, 40, of Boston, said he knew nothing about the leafy greens.

Here’s my next question: What do they do with all that stuff? Do they, um, burn it?

Your Boston Weekend: June 4–6

Published June 3, 2010

Was your prom this awesome? Either way, you can do it all over again this Sunday at ArtProm in Somerville. (Joe Shabotnick/Flickr)

Was your prom this awesome? Either way, you can do it all over again this Sunday at ArtProm in Somerville. (Joe Shabotnick/Flickr)

With so much going on in Boston every weekend, how does the culture lover choose, or even find, the best of what Beantown has to offer? Let Hubbub do some of the sleuthing for you.

June is here, and Boston’s arts scene in Boston is heating up. From mysterious dinner theater to an appearance by everyone’s favorite redheaded comedian, to proms, walks and clothing swaps supporting worthy causes, this is the weekend for mixing good deeds with good times.

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There's No 'I' In Volunteeer

Published June 3, 2010

My wife Lauren works at the Kennedy School and helped with Harvard commencement last week. While walking by the laundry pile at home last night, I noticed the T-shirt that she and the dozens of other volunteers had been given to wear. Aside from the Department of Corrections color scheme, seee anything else awry?

The actual T-shirt worn by volunteers at Harvard's 359th commencement ceremony (Adam Ragusea)

File under: Petty things to which we cling that make us feel better about not having attended Harvard.