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What About 1987-2009?

Published June 14, 2010

The FBI’s Kennedy files, released today, stop at 1986. The senator died in 2009. Where are the rest of the files?

Update: Wait, there is a 151-page document (out of order) covering the years 2/1971 to 5/1991. (PDF on FBI.gov)

The Globe says there are no documents beyond 1985, but that appears to be wrong.

The Kennedy Files: Chappaquiddick

Published June 14, 2010

Unfortunately for conspiracy theorists and Chappaquiddick obsessors, newly released FBI files don’t shed much light on that famous car crash of 1969. The documents serve as a fascinating time capsule, though.

The FBI says upfront that it had no investigative role in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne:

Limited public source information was collected by the FBI regarding Senator Kennedy’s vehicular accident at Chappaquiddick Island that resulted in the death of Mary Joe Kopechne. The FBI had no investigative role in this case, since there were no violations of federal criminal law involved. Although there was a mistaken contemporary report about FBI involvement in the case, the Bureau was not asked to provide support to the local police investigation.

But there are a few nuggets, such as this confidential teletype and memorandum delivered to the Bureau after the crash. You’ll see that Kennedy’s involvement was meant to be kept secret but that WBZ broke the story shortly thereafter:

The 77-page file on Chappaquiddick (view on Scribd) is mostly a collection of newspaper clippings. Consider this sample of headlines, in chronological order:

  • Is Kennedy Set To Quit The Senate?
  • Judge Kirk Bows Out Of Ted Inquest (as in Paul G. Kirk, who would one day succeed Kennedy in the Senate)
  • Dinis Under Guard After Death Threat (Dinis was the DA)
  • No Crime — No Autopsy, Argue Kopechne Aides
  • Ted Ruled at ‘Fault,’ Registry Ends Probe
  • Vast Majority of Letters Say Ted Should Resign Senate Seat

The calls for Kennedy’s resignation seemed overwhelming, if you believed the opinion pages of the time. But a poll published in the evening edition of the Globe, dated July 29, 1969, showed a staggering 78 percent of respondents wanted Kennedy to remain in office; six percent thought he should resign. Moreover, Kennedy’s approval ratings remained in the 80s (and in the 70s among Republicans).  You don’t find support like that anywhere else in politics.

FBI Releases Ted Kennedy Files

Published June 14, 2010

The FBI has released thousands of its files on the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. I’ll be combing through them today for any juicy bits. Watch this space.

This release consists of material from seven FBI files—three Headquarters files and four field division files, totaling more then 2,200 pages. It covers the FBI’s relationship with Senator Kennedy from 1961 to 1985. At no point do these files suggest that the FBI investigated Senator Kennedy for a criminal violation or as a security threat. The bulk of this material concerns FBI investigation of threats of violence and other extortion claims against Senator Kennedy and other public officials.

FBI: The Kennedy Files

Gay Pride In Photos

Published June 14, 2010

Photos tagged boston and pride and shot this weekend, from Flickr:

One More

Published June 14, 2010

Pierce, Garnett (AP)

Pierce, Garnett (AP)

Kobe made them earn it last night.

The Herald says Doc Rivers (“Nostradamus of the hardwood”) called it again. He predicted Kobe Bryant (38 points) would have one monster game in the series. WBUR called it a Bryant barrage. Shaughnessy points out that according to history, when the series is tied 2-2, the winner of Game 5 takes the championship 76 percent of the time.

Now it’s back to LA. Has Jack written his script yet?