Does Everyone Love Scott Brown?

Published June 28, 2010

Sen. Scott Brown

See, they love him. (AP)

You’d think Scott Brown is in the middle of a campaign these days. He’s everywhere.

In a new Boston Globe survey, Sen. Brown is the most popular politician in blue Massachusetts, out-polling even President Obama. Only 18 percent of people here don’t like the guy. I don’t think even my approval ratings would be that good.

Who are the 18 percent? Maybe labor unions, who are demonstrating outside of Brown’s Boston office in about an hour over his opposition to a jobs bill. “Brown is the Commonwealth’s only member of congress refusing to support a bill that would provide crucial funding for medical services in our state,” the unions said in a statement. (Brown said there is no funding for it.) The Boston Herald reported yesterday that Brown is feeling serious heat over this one.

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That 18 percent might also be environmentalists, who are slamming the senator in TV ads about the BP oil spill. One you might have seen is furnished by Environment Massachusetts and features “real” people.

Earlier this month, the environmental group 1Sky awarded Brown the “Oily Bird Award” — a fake pelican covered in oil — for his vote to bar the EPA from regulating greenhouse-gas emissions. (Worth clicking that link for the awkward photo alone.)

Nevertheless, the man seems unstoppable. “Few Democrats seem to have the resources or stature to challenge Brown,” the Globe reports.

And he’s starting to get comfortable in Washington. Brown recently purchased a modest, 498-square-foot, $290,000 condo on Capitol Hill. He says the parking space for his pickup is bigger.

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