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At the age of 20, Helen Bamber went to Belsen concentration camp to help rehabilitate the surviving inmates. Later in life, she left Amnesty International to found the Medical Foundation. More...



In his country of Cameroon, he was a student activist and political dissident. For his activities he was beaten. Edwin bears a long scar where his skull was split by a rifle butt. More...

Tita was an emergency surgeon who worked with international aid agencies in Bolivia. She was kidnapped three times, and caught in a grim catch 22: tortured to reveal all she knew about drug trafficking, which was nothing. More...

Muna stopped talking following torture at the hands of the secret police in her own country. She was offered music therapy by the Medical Foundation along with regular psychotherapy sessions, in the hope she would rediscover her power of speech. More...

Fahed was beaten, kicked and hosed. His captors forced him inside the rim of a tire and rolled him up the corridor of his prison block smashing him into the walls. He suffered permanent damage to his spine. More...

In the United States, torture is often at the hands of other prisoners, in a system that often overlooks abuses and fails to protect inmates. These are some stories of prisoners in America. More...

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The Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture- Read more about Helen Bamber and her organization.

Amnesty International: Campaign Against Torture- A report on torture worldwide.

Torture Handbook- Guidelines for identifying and reporting abuse.

U.N. Convention Against Torture. Read the international treaty on torture.

U.S. Report on Torture and Human Rights- U.S. Report to the U.N. on torture and laws against it in the U.S.

U.S. Profile and News- Human Rights Watch looks at human rights issues in America.

Confessions at any cost- A Human Rights Watch profile of use of torture by police in Russia.


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