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ListenIntroduction to "Surviving Torture: Inside/Out

Part I
ListenIf you are lucky enough, some would say unlucky enough, to survive being tortured, what do you do next? How do you deal with memories that permeate not just your brain but every pain-filled cell in your broken body? In London, one institution, the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture has developed methods for dealing with the aftermath of this barbarity. It is not an easy process.

Part II
ListenYou can tell a lot about regions of political instability around the world by who turns up seeking care at the Medical Foundation. When Helen Bamber set the institution up many clients came from Central and Latin America. In the early 90's the Balkans provided huge numbers of clients. Now the picture is more fragmented.

Part III
ListenIn 1999 the Medical Foundation treated 158 children under 18. Last year that number had risen to 245. Many of the children arrive in Britain unaccompanied. As with the adults, there is a political dimension to therapy.


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