PRK on the Air: Adding to Obesity

Photo: Vacacion/Flickr

It’s a common and commonly-accepted explanation: too many calories plus too little exercise is causing rampant obesity in America. But not all medical professionals agree. Is there more to this simple cause-and-effect equation?

Reporter Carey Goldberg of WBUR’s CommonHealth blog brought this very question to two leading experts here in Boston: Dr. Barbara Corkey, director of the Obesity Research Center at Boston Medical Centerr and Dr. Sarah Haigh Molina, director of the Boston University High Throughput Screening Core. Both feel that the additives in processed food might be playing a role.

Tune in to Radio Boston today at 3pm to hear the discussion around “What’s Making Us Fat? Researchers Put Food Additives on Suspect List.” If you don’t read ingredient labels as a rule, you just may start.