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Harvest Time

Photos: Courtesy of Powisset Farm

Meryl LaTronica, Guest Contributor
Powisset Farm

Time to harvest!

There really are so many wonderful things I like about being a farmer. I get to be outside all day, feeling the sun and the rain and the turn of the seasons. I get to put my hands in the soil to pull weeds, plant vegetables and squish bugs. I get to drive and fix tractors, and work with tried and true farm tools, like a hoe. All of these things are exhilarating and full of purpose. That purpose, of course, being to grow food! And now, finally here in Massachusetts, we have come to the time in the season when we get to begin the harvesting. Continue reading

Thursday Tidbits: Food Pairings

Photo: Jessica Higgins/Flickr

Donna Kirk 
What Goes With….
Sports has its franks and beer. The opera, its chardonnay and cheese. Mystery theater and…? If you answer wedding cake, you’re onto something. As Boston streets heat up and the Charles sparkles with slightly cooler breezes, Boston Harbour Mystery Cruises is pairing fine food and intrigue, with more than a dash of humor and music. Continue reading

Cheese is for Comfort

Photo courtesy of Stephanie's on Newbury

We all have a favorite comfort food — a familiar (and often guilty) source of gustatory pleasure we turn to when we need a little lift. For some people, it’s Mom’s meatloaf. For others, it’s a fiendishly spiced taco. Myself, I’ll take a gooey grilled cheese sandwich in any of its many glorious variations. Continue reading

Let Them Eat Cupcakes

Sweet's Chocolate-Iced Doughnut Cupcake (all photos: Sarah Knight)


“Cupcake Camp?? What IS it?”

I was asked this every time I mentioned the event I would be attending on behalf of Public Radio Kitchen.

“Um…professional and amateur cupcake bakers are going to meet up and share cupcakes…and a few hundred other people are going to come and eat them.” This is a very simplistic description of what was to become Cupcake Camp Boston’s inaugural cupcake swap.

Over the last few years I’ve become an amateur cupcake connoisseur, if there is such a thing. I try to find cupcake shops in the cities I visit. I invent occasions to stop by the local shops. I can sometimes be persuaded to bake my own, as in chocolate-Guinness cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for St. Patrick’s Day. All of this could not prepare me, however, for that which was Cupcake Camp the night of April 15th. Continue reading

Thursday Tidbits-Mmmmmilkshakes


Photo: Ashley R. Good/Flickr

Did you hear PRK’s first ever on-air segment today?!! Here’s our related, original post on Sarah Kleinman of Boston Eats.
Abby Conway (my last post!)

I scooped ice cream part-time all through high school. My co-workers and I created some pretty weird combos during the slower hours, but we NEVER whipped up anything that could compete with the milkshake concoctions in Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes, Adam Reid’s new book. Continue reading

PRK On The Air!


Photo: Visual Dichotomy/Flickr

Jessica Alpert

To our favorite readers:

It’s time…it’s long overdue.  PRK is finally hitting the WBUR airwaves.  Tomorrow on Radio Boston (barring any wild breaking news), we’ll bring you our first PRK on-air segment between 3 and 4pm.  If you miss the live segment, you can also listen online (plus we’ll link to it right here on our homepage). 

But now, dear foodies, is the time for you to tune in and show your support.  Let us know what you want to hear on a PRK segment: interviews with chefs? food policy stories? restaurant reviews? food trends? 

Don’t be shy and do be generous with your ideas.  And stay tuned….

Flank Steak, Tool of the Patriarchy

© caraman -

Anastacia Marx de Salcedo, Guest Contributor
Slow Food Boston

(A couple at a table. In front of them are a half-eaten box of pizza, an empty wine bottle and two glasses.)
MAN: Hey, let’s invite the Guptas/your boss/my fratbros over for a barbeque this weekend! I’ll cook.
WOMAN: Great idea, honey!

(Several days later. A smallish kitchen. Woman enters lugging numerous grocery bags.) Continue reading

Networking Foodapalooza

Photo: love□janine/Flickr


So, we all like to eat, drink and be social. But what this could look like real time, business-wise, for Boston’s food scene is up for grabs as the topic of a meaty symposium on social networking and Boston foodie culture slated for this coming Monday, May 24th, in Cambridge. Continue reading

As the Oil Spreads

Shrimp Boats in Port Lavaca, TX, by flickr user scmtngirl

Tom Urell, PRK Guest Contributor

I guess it’s natural for me to see part of the tragedy of the ongoing oil spill in terms of its immediate and lasting damage to the ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico. As a body of water that plays a vital role in supplying our seafood and supports a vital fishing economy, some of the greatest damage being done by the spill will inevitably be felt at the table. The spill is affecting the shrimping season already: Continue reading