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WBUR Journeys to Antarctica

Read through the experiences from Dan Grossman during his adventure to Palmer Station, Antarctica.

WBUR sent Dan Grossman to Antarctica to report on the ecological, scientific, and marine biological research going on at Palmer Station, on the Antarctic Peninsula. He left with hopes of reporting on global warming and penguin populations. He returned with a high appreciation of what life is like on the underside of the earth.

In this site you can find out about research that proves the impact global warming has on the population of Adelie Penguins, track the migration of the Antarctic bird,
the Giant Petrel, and hear a first hand account of sailing across the treacherous Drake's Passage. You'll find video of penguins at play, photos of the scientists and their research, and learn exactly what equipment you would need to do what they do.

WBUR is working with teachers to bring the Antarctic adventure to their classrooms. If you are an educator who would like more information about Antarctica, read through our lesson plans, and write us at antarctica@wbur.bu.edu.

  • Hear Dan discuss his journey on Here & Now.

  • "Wbur Journeys to Antarctica" was awarded the AAAS Science Journalism Award for 2003. Read more...

    View images of Bill Baker and his dive team, researching the depths of the Antarctic Ocean floor.

    Watch videos of Adelie penguins in the wild.

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    Take an interactive tour of Palmer Station.

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    Why are all those bones in this elephant seal skull?
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    Antarctic Artists
    See some how two artists portray their vision of Antarctica in their paintings.

    Antarctica Links
    Read more on the web about Antarctica.

    Wild Sounds
    Listen to recordings of some of the most interesting sounds made by the wildlife and physical landscape of the Antarctic Peninsula..

    Attention Teachers
    New lesson plans are available in the Teacher Guide.