Boston Friday: Stories You Shouldn't Miss

Published May 7, 2010

Five stories you shouldn’t miss on a warm Boston Friday:

  1. MWRA Focuses Water Inquiry On Huge Pipe Collar

    The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority has found eight projects using the same kind of pipe coupling that failed last weekend in Weston. But the MWRA says that massive, still-missing coupling is unique to the region’s water system. (WBUR)

  2. Details Of Firefighters’ 19% Raise Revealed

    Boston Firefighters Local 718 got a “final 2.5 percent end-loaded ‘give,’ on the last day of the contract term, in return for the city’s groundbreaking ‘take’ … of an unprecedented truly random drug and alcohol policy,” the arbitrator, Dana Eischen, wrote in a ruling released today by the city and the union. (Herald)

  3. Brown Wants Citizenship Revoked For Terror Ties

    Sen. Scott Brown responded to the attempted Times Square bombing by cosponsoring a bill that would allow the United States to strip Americans of citizenship if the government determines that an individual supported or joined a terrorist group. (Globe)

  4. Titanic’s ‘Kate’ Found Buried In Boston

    She was not the star-crossed lover played by Kate Winslet in the film, but the death and burial of another Kate, Titanic passenger Catherine “Kate” Buckley is a story that will be told and remembered in Boston this month. (WCVB)

  5. Christ Hit By Car In Northampton

    Police say a Pittsfield woman has been cited for running down a man named Lord Jesus Christ as he crossed a street in Northampton on Tuesday. (AP)

What stories did I miss? Put your must-reads in the comments.