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We Let Her Eat Cupcakes

Published May 21, 2010

WBUR’s Sarah Knight writes about my second favorite[1] culinary[2] topic, cupcakes, on Public Radio Kitchen.[3]

Boston cream pie cupcakes (Sarah Knight/WBUR)

Boston cream pie cupcakes (Sarah Knight/WBUR)

There is something in Boston called Cupcake Camp, “an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and eat cupcakes in an open environment.”

Sarah attended. Her dispatch:

Over the last few years I’ve become an amateur cupcake connoisseur, if there is such a thing. I try to find cupcake shops in the cities I visit. I invent occasions to stop by the local shops. I can sometimes be persuaded to bake my own, as in chocolate-Guinness cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for St. Patrick’s Day. All of this could not prepare me, however, for that which was Cupcake Camp the night of April 15th. When I arrived at 7pm, the line was queued pretty far down Somerville Ave. I entered before general admittance and was still overwhelmed. Tables lined up against the walls of the room teemed with cupcakes. Big ones and small ones of all colors and flavors, some of them tended by their talented makers, some left in open boxes to speak for themselves.

Best cupcakes in town? Party Favors in Brookline.


[1] My favorite culinary topic is bacon.

[1a] I once ate a bacon cupcake.

[2] I pronounce culinary “CYOO-lin-ayr-ee.”

[3] I actually interviewed somebody about cupcakes on the radio in a previous life.

Friday Morning: Brown's Switch, Unrequited Love, Resume Dissected

Published May 21, 2010

News and stories worth reading on a warm Boston Friday:

  1. Scott Brown’s Switch Helped Get Finance Reform Passed

    Brown was concerned that provisions in the bill related to financial firms’ investments could harm the mutual fund and insurance industries, which have a large presence in his home state. Harry Reid reportedly assured Brown that those industries would be exempted from certain rules in the bill. (Jacob Goldstein/Planet Money)

  2. How Federal Agents Linked Watertown Arrest to Times Square Bomb

    For the first time, federal authorities say they have evidence linking any of the men arrested in Watertown last week to the alleged Times Square bomber. The federal government is trying to keep the Pakistani citizen arrested in Watertown in the United States. Prosecutors tell a tangled story of unrequited love. (Fred Thys/WBUR)

  3. Mass. Added 19,000 Jobs In April… Maybe

    “Nineteen-thousand job growth in one month is an astounding figure,” said Alan Clayton-Matthews, who tracks the Massachusetts economy at Northeastern University. “It’s hard to believe that 19,000 is a real number that will hold up.” (Curt Nickisch/WBUR)

  4. A Dissection Of Harvard Faker’s Fabricated Resume

    After combing through the resume to verify the authenticity of the items listed on Adam Wheeler’s resume, The Crimson discovered numerous inconsistencies and misrepresentations. (Xi Yu and Julie M. Zauzmer/Harvard Crimson)

  5. Gulf Oil Spill Revives Cape’s 1969 Nightmare

    It’s been more than 40 years since the oil barge Florida ran aground on a foggy night in Buzzards Bay, spilling close to 200,000 gallons of fuel. Some of it is still there. At the time of the 1969 spill, lobsters, clams, and fish died by the thousands, but most people thought the harm would be temporary, reflecting what was then the conventional wisdom. (Beth Daley/Globe)

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