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Grace Ross Is Out

Published May 19, 2010

Guberfest 2010 is down to four: Deval Patrick, Charlie Baker, Tim Cahill, Jill Stein.

Democratic challenger Grace Ross didn’t get enough certified signatures.

Pir Khan's Hackney License

Published May 19, 2010

Pir Khan, a cab driver from Pakistan, is one of three men arrested last week as part of the Boston-area FBI raids in connection with the failed Times Square bombing. WBUR obtained his hackney license (PDF) as part of a Freedom of Information Act request.

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Wednesday Morning: Class Clown, Health Care, Red Meat

Published May 19, 2010

News on a drizzly Boston Wednesday:

  1. Alleged Harvard Fraudster ‘Not A Stand-Out’

    A former high school classmate said Adam Wheeler, accused of fooling the nation’s most august university, was a class clown who delighted in pranks such as tossing ketchup packets around the halls like little red landmines. (O’Ryan Johnson/Herald)

  2. Trust-Based Admissions Leaves Elite Colleges Open To Fraud

    The former Harvard College senior accused of duping one of the world’s most selective universities seems to have exploited an application system at elite colleges that is largely based on trust and where admissions officers verify credentials only when they suspect that something is awry. (Tracy Jan and Milton J. Valencia/Globe)

  3. Mass. Senate Approves Bill To Contain Health Costs

    The bill would let businesses with 50 or fewer workers form cooperatives to purchase insurance at a lower cost. Another provision presses insurers to spend at least 90 percent of premium dollars on care and 10 percent or less on administrative costs. (AP)

  4. Not All Red Meats Are Heart-Unhealthy, Study Says

    The researchers looked over nearly 1,600 studies and were startled to find that even though the health risks of red meat seem well-established, the evidence for that is actually mixed. (Sacha Pfeiffer/WBUR)

  5. Paul Levy Is A Good Guy, But He Doesn’t Get It

    Forty-five minutes with the Beth Israel CEO provided an extraordinary view into so much of what’s wrong with life in the city’s higher altitudes, where macho favor-trading, undue influence, and complicit governing boards are the way of the day. (Brian McGrory/Globe)