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Found: Scott Brown, Eligible Bachelor

Published May 24, 2010

How did I miss this? Boston Magazine posts a page from what appears to be a 1982 compilation of Boston’s most eligible bachelors, authored by the late legendary Herald columnist, Norma Nathan. Featured on this page: Scott Brown, who would become the U.S. senator from Mass. 28 years later.

Norma Nathan (via Boston Magazine)

Norma Nathan (via Boston Magazine)

An excerpt:

A Tufts University graduate, he co-captained the basketball team, is in the National Guard, can cook (chicken cordon bleu is his dish) but he’d just as soon eat out at Frank Giuffrida’s Hilltop restaurant or at Roberto’s in the North End. Oh, yes, he hates liver, feels mature enough to compete with older men. “I’ve always felt I’ve done well with older women,” says Scott, who scores sex as “very important.” “I have the appetites of a 22-year-old man. It’s very important to me to satisfy a woman I am with.” Oh.

Also, I love the “income” part of the bio: “A model one.”

A Duck Tale: City Makes Quick Work Of Fowl Vandalism

Published May 24, 2010

The graffiti is cleaned up now, but whoever defaced the “Make Way for Ducklings” statuettes could face fines or jail time.

Nancy Schön, who sculpted the ducklings to commemorate Robert McCloskey’s children’s book, has her own punishment in mind for the perpetrator: 100 hours of waxing all the sculptures in the Public Garden.

About 8:30 AM: The mama duck is one of the statuettes spray painted with the tag "Better Prey." (Rachel L. Blumenthal via Twitter)

About 8:30 AM: Mrs. Mallard is one of the statuettes spray painted with the tag "Better Prey." (Rachel L. Blumenthal via Twitter)

A woman named Rachel Blumenthal () discovered the tags “BP” and “Better Prey” painted on Mrs. Mallard and her ducklings this morning (“quite a mess”). She snapped and tweeted a photo; outrage ensued.

In a phone interview, Schön described the vandalism as “terrible,” “sick” and “mean.”

Then we sent someone to the Garden to verify the vandalism actually happened. The report back: no vandalism here. I couldn’t believe the Twitter tipster would fabricate this, so I called Mary Hines, spokeswoman for the city’s Park & Rec Department.

Hines said the ducks were, indeed, defaced. (“When I first heard about it, I was horrified.”) The Public Garden work crew discovered the vandalism first thing this morning. “They called for backup,” Hines tells me. The case was elevated to highest priority. The tags were washed clean off.

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Globe: Probation Chief O'Brien Is Suspended

Published May 24, 2010

The Boston Globe reports Probation Commissioner John O’Brien has been suspended, with pay, in the wake of the Globe’s exposé of patronage and sloppy finances at the state’s Probation Department.

We’re spending 35 minutes on this topic on the show today.

How Much College Debt Do You Have?

Published May 24, 2010

As we begin our series on the “education bubble” this week, Monica Brady-Myerov profiles Nicole Benson, an Endicott College grad who has accrued almost $100,000 in debt.

Benson got a full-time hospitality job after college, but she was laid off in 2009. Now she makes an hourly wage as a bookkeeper and gets 20 to 30 calls a day from creditors. “I worked so hard and I really have nothing to show for it,” she says. “I live in the cheapest place available to me. I drive a car that is barely running.”

It’s a devastating and increasingly common story. We’ll take your calls and comments on the issue for a deeper conversation today on Radio Boston. Meanwhile, I want to know: Do you have student loan debt? How much?

Follow the jump to respond to the Hubbub poll.

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