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Still Missing: 1-Ton Metal Collar; Pls Call MWRA

Published May 17, 2010

OK, how is this thing still missing?

Crews are slated to begin excavating parts of the Charles River bed Monday, continuing the search for a massive pipe coupling that failed earlier this month, cutting off potable water to more than two million people in Greater Boston.

Fred Laskey, the beleagured director of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, says: “We won’t give up until we get to the bottom of it.” Apparently they won’t get to the bottom of it till they get to the bottom of it.

Monday Roundup: Luxury Revival, Holder At BU, Celtics

Published May 17, 2010

A slow news Monday morning, also known as Monday morning:

  1. Newbury Street Is Back

    So far this year, more than a dozen new shops have opened on Newbury Street — from Cotelac women’s apparel to British clothier Ben Sherman — giving the street a 95 percent occupancy rate among more than 300 retail properties. (Johnny Diaz, Globe)

  2. Holder To BU Grads: Like MLK, Be ‘Stars In The Darkness’

    The nation’s top cop saluted the progress the country has made in areas such as race relations as he received an honorary Doctor of Laws, invoking both his status as the nation’s first African-American attorney general and the fact that the country and the commonwealth of Massachusetts have black chief executives. (Rich Barlow, BU Today)

  3. From Pulpits, Calls To End Bloodshed

    On Sunday, just days after 14-year-old Jaewon Martin’s funeral, clergy in predominantly African-American congregations across Boston spoke out against youth violence and vowed to minister to way ward teenagers in hope of preventing more deaths. They pledged to turn the grief from Martin’s death into resolve. (Peter Schworm, Globe)

  4. Owner Defends Pit Bull That Mauled Boy, Took A Bullet

    An owner of a wounded pit bull who mauled a Hyde Park child defended his pet yesterday as an excitable puppy who didn’t deserve to take a bullet from a cop. (Laurel J. Sweet, Herald)

  5. Doc Rivers: ‘We Found Ourselves Again’

    The renewed vigor of the Boston Celtics, who thumped Orlando 92-88 on Sunday, has gotten even the attention of NPR. (Tom Goldman and Renee Montagne, NPR)

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