A Transplant Could Save This Boy's Life

Published May 14, 2010

Iris Adler, my colleague at Radio Boston, shares this story, with an introduction:

I was meandering through Boston.com last night and happened upon James F. Smith’s blog post, “Seeking a Life Saving Match,” the compelling story of four-year-old Devan Tatlow, who suffers from a rare form of leukemia. Devan is in a desperate race for time. Doctors say they have less than 12 weeks to find the right match for a potentially life-saving bone marrow transplant. Chances of a match are one in 200,000.

I read the story, imagined the anguish, closed my laptop and then moved on. Minutes later I went back to the story — what could I possibly do to help? This is what I can do: Pass on the information as part of the effort to help secure a donor.

Take a look at the picture of young Devan. You too will want to help.

The story: Seeking a life-saving match (Worldly Boston)