Morning Roundup: FBI Raids Edition

Published May 14, 2010

Morning reading on yesterday’s FBI raids in the Boston area.

  1. Holder Says Men In Custody Might Have Provided Money To Terror Suspect

    Three Pakistani men taken into custody during a series of raids in the Boston area as part of the investigation into the failed Times Square car bombing may have provided money to the man who has admitted carrying out the unsuccessful attack, Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday. (William K. Rashbaum and Scott Shane/NYT)

  2. Watertown Is Unsettled By FBI Operation

    It could have been a drug raid or a murder probe, neighbors thought, but no one could believe that the federal government’s investigation into the failed terrorist bombing in New York’s Times Square had touched down in Watertown. (Milton J. Valencia/Globe)

  3. Who Is Elias Audy? A Brookline ‘Pillar’

    Forty-four years ago, when he was a newly married 18-year-old, Bill Audy and his wife left their seaside village in northern Lebanon and followed her family to America. Two years later, after Audy used their life savings to open his first gas station in Brighton, his younger brother Elias followed him to Boston and into the gasoline business. (David Abel and Patricia Wen/Globe)

  4. What’s A ‘Hawala?’

    The feds followed the money and arrived in Boston. That has brought a lot of attention to the hawala system, an informal system of money transfer that doesn’t involve a bank. It might have connected the men arrested to the Times Square bomb suspect. An ex-FBI counter-terrorism expert explains that 99.9 percent of hawala transactions are perfectly legitimate. (Bob Oakes/WBUR)

What are you reading about the raids? Share links in the comments, please.