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Indian gambling has now allowed for a previously unimaginable economic rebirth on tribal lands. Immense wealth is being generated at the gaming tables, but who benefits, and are these businesses helping to resurrect Indian culture and identity or smothering them?

» Casinos and New Indian Power: $125,000 dollars an hour; $3 million a day; $1.5 billion a year. This is huge wealth for a tiny tribe that had all but disappeared.

Are They Really a Tribe?: "They had a reservation with zero people living on it," says one critic.

» The Power of Money: "They told me the Pequots were extinct," recalls Chief Cunha. "I raised my hand and said, I'm a Pequot."

Where Everybody Wins: Two generations ago, the Choctaws were the poorest tribe in the poorest state in the nation. Their casino marks just the latest step in a stunning Indian renaissance.

First Broadcast February 2003

Watch a video entitled Choctaw Renaissance about the Choctaw tribe in Mississippi.

View 'Depression Era' photos from the Connecticut Pequot Tribe from TheICRC.org.

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A Casino Where Everybody Wins
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