Apples, Apples, Apples.

Photo: ljcybergal/Flickr

Photo: ljcybergal/Flickr

Let me introduce myself.  

My name is Jessica Alpert and I am a contributor to PRK.  I truly enjoy infusing the blog with my finds and my questions as well as exploring the stories YOU bring to the table.  During the rest of my week, I produce freelance radio pieces for NPR and other venues while also working as a producer for WBUR’s Radio Boston.  I just LOVE IT when all of these worlds collide.

This week on Radio Boston, we talk about everything apples.  Is it the all-American fruit? What is the history of the apple in New England? What is the state of the apple industry? What do apples mean to you?  It’s actually quite a complex story and RB’s David Boeri will bring his own experience to the tale.

We started working over the weekend with producer Adam Ragusea taking the pulse at a nearby orchard.  If you have a special orchard/apple story OR a fantastic recipe, do share it with us either by commenting below or by sending an email to PRK.

In the meantime…a macoun or honeycrisp for lunch?

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Associate Producer, Here & Now Most recently, Jessica worked as an associate producer at WBUR's daily local program, Radio Boston. Jessica moved to Boston in 2008 and has lived many places since leaving her native Texas. After graduating from college, Jessica worked as a federal employee, documentary film festival producer, oral historian, university teaching assistant, traveling saleswoman and klezmer musician. Her work and projects have appeared in The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, Bust, Barnard Magazine, National Public Radio, Public Radio International (PRI), and the BBC. Jessica's freelance radio work has received various awards including accolades from the Religion Newswriters Association and the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma. As a Fulbright Scholar in El Salvador, Jessica collected and studied oral histories from the Jewish Community based in San Salvador. Jessica received her B.A. in political science from Columbia University’s Barnard College and her M.A. in history from Indiana University. She learned how to make radio from the phenomenal folks at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Jessica lives in Somerville with her husband, twin son and daughter, and two cats. To learn more about Jessica’s projects, both current and past, please visit