Thursday Tidbits: Keeping It Local

Photo: Svadilfari/Flickr

Photo: Svadilfari/Flickr

Fresh Caught, Fresh Picked, Fresh Made
Say the words “New England,” mention “Fall” in the same breath and, if you enjoy a good meal, your mouth could water on the spot.  Add the gold standards of same-day freshness and a low carbon footprint, and the prospect becomes even more appealing. 

Consider, then, the upcoming “Feeding Frenzy” being offered at Craigie on Main in Cambridge. Chef Tony Maws  is serving up all the above in a September 29th tasting menu with choices ranging from lobster and potato salad (pineapple sage, anyone?) to pork belly tortellini, from line-caught tautog to maple sugar ice cream and Concord grapes.  If you can’t attend, perhaps this is one of those things to try at home?

The Tradition Isn’t Local, But the Chef Is
Fried Chicken will be on the menu every Sunday evening starting this Sunday at Clio, with chef Ken Oringer changing up the ingredients each week.

When The Bell Rings…
Today marks the beginning of the First Annual Massachusetts Harvest for Students Week. During this week, schools and colleges around the state were encouraged to purchase, serve, and highlight locally produced foods. Schools will also use this week to physically introduce students to the actual source: farms. FIELD TRIP!