Tuesday Tidbits

An All-American Weekend at Formaggio Kitchen, Cambridge
Saturday: October 24th. Three local cheesemakers, Carlisle Goat Dairy, Jasper Hill Farm and Twig Farm, will talk with Formaggio Kitchen customers about what they do and how they make their cheese. They’ll also answer questions and sample their cheeses, and the event is free. Read more at Formaggio Kitchen.
Sunday: October 25th. Formaggio Kitchen is offering a class focusing on domestic food producers as paired with domestic brews. Tickets ($35 apiece) can be purchased through Formaggio’s online store.

Savory Pot Pie on Sunday in Maine
For those of you looking to travel a bit further afield this weekend, Cellardoor Vineyard of Lincolville, ME, is holding a cooking class on Sunday, Oct. 25, with Savory Pot Pie but one of the courses to be prepared on site and enjoyed with the Vineyard’s own wines.

Pepper Jelly, Anyone?
Jo of Amuse Bouche has posted an equal parts informative, equal parts funny ‘how to’ on canning pepper jelly (I hear you on Sunday’s weather, Jo–I ran a road race in that rain/snow/wind. Canning jellies sounds nicer).

Mama Cooks
The Kitchen has added a new blog to its blog roll, Mama Cooks by Betsy Block, a Boston area professional food writer, restaurant critic, and recipe developer. Welcome, Betsy.