Sweethearts In Winter

Photo: Courtesy of Delicious Dishings

Jessica Alpert

Wow, today super cold.  I’m headed to NYC for the weekend and I can only hope the Gods look down on Manhattan and smile with lots of sun.  Probably unlikely but dreaming of this divine sweetheart cake keeps my heart warm.

Whether you’re pro- or anti- Valentine, you never need an official day to make a delicious cherry cake.  Megan of Delicious Dishings (a great blog-destination for special dinners and desserts) shares her special recipe and giveaway with us.


Photo: Courtesy of Delicious Dishings

Valentine’s Day is such a love/hate thing… and I happen to love it! I think that’s actually because of my mom. I can’t remember a Valentine’s Day when I lived at home when my mom didn’t make us heart-shaped french toast and give us little gifts. Even after I moved out, she would still send Valentine’s Day care packages — only now I have to make my own heart-shaped french toast (or even heart-shaped waffles), as that wouldn’t ship very well. She started such a great tradition and gave me so many great memories of Valentine’s Day that it hasn’t mattered over the years whether I’ve been single, celebrating with friends or family, or sharing the day with a special someone.


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