..We All Scream (for crazily flavored) Ice Cream!



Talia Ralph, Guest Contributor

If there’s one thing in this world we can all agree on, it’s the awesomeness of ice cream.

Everyone — from my 14-year-old brother to Steve Grossman, the Democratic candidate for Massachusetts treasurer — has found joy in an icy, creamy treat on a hot summer day. (Maybe no one more than Grossman, actually, who has been conducting a state-wide ice cream tour throughout his campaign.)

But there’s a point at which we all diverge – which flavor is the best?

At WBUR’s Radio Boston, we’ve been on a slightly different quest. “Best” is relative, but on Friday’s show, we’re trying out some of the wildest, wackiest flavors Boston has to offer. On the menu?

In the name of journalism (I know, my life is really hard), I raided the freezer for the few flavors we’ve got left lying around from our taste-test: Basil, Blueberry Pancake and Adzuki Bean.

I had low expectations for Basil, though it’s one of my favorite herbs to cook with. I was waiting for the ice-cream to taste like a pasta dish in icy form, but it was surprisingly sweet and refreshing, with an almost sorbet-like consistency.

Adzuki bean (yea, I had to google it: it’s a small red bean with a sweet flavor used widely in Japanese cooking) was more subdued than I expected, and the little adzuki bean flakes didn’t do much for me.

Toscanini’s blueberry pancake was my favorite of the bunch. I’m a sucker for anything blueberry, especially when the summer berries are embedded in an ultra-creamy, cake-batter-esque sea of icy goodness. My only qualm? The blueberries are dried, which adds a nice chewy consistency, but doesn’t pack as much berry-tastic flavor as I wanted (though its admittedly hard to recreate biting into a delicious, hot blueberry pancake with the whole icy, cold thing happening). I think a blueberry swirl of some kind would have been a solid addition.

What about you guys – what are your favorite flavors? Do you go for crazy or classic? I’m always up for a little more taste-testing – for research, of course.

And don’t forget to listen in to Radio Boston’s segment Friday at 3 pm for more.

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7 thoughts on “..We All Scream (for crazily flavored) Ice Cream!

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  2. Megan

    I just made cinnamon gelato… not so crazy.

    I’ve been pretty impressed with olive oil gelato — like the one I had at Bergamot. You wouldn’t expect it to be so good.

  3. susan

    icecream is my all time favorite food!!!! nothing beats a good coffee flavored ice cream even tho i dont actually drink coffee!!! for me icecream is an all year long delicacy :)

  4. Karen

    My son makes a super spicy chocolate ice cream for me that is so hot I can barely eat it. I’m thinking of toning it down by making it into ice cream sandwiches – or frozen smores.