Rescheduled: 'Slow Food on No Dough' Meet Up

Sue McCrory & Anastacia Marx de Salcedo

We’d love to meet/see you this Wednesday, June 30!! Get your recipes out and let us know if you’re coming!! We fill up fast…

A few notes worth repeating….

  1. We’ll be distributing sheets for you to write the name of your dish, cost and cost-per-person. In addition, if you could print out a copy of the recipe to bring and email it to us as well at, that would be great.
  2. No, you don’t have to make enough for all 65 of us! This is a potluck, and the general rule of potlucks is bring one or two batches—enough to sample. Phew!
  3. Please finish your dishes at home. Our kitchen space is miniscule and can really accommodate reheating only if *absolutely* necessary.
  4. You may want to mark your serving dishes and utensils with masking tape and your name so they don’t get lost. Also, please bring a plastic bag for afterwards, as it will be easier (see #3) if you wash your dishes at home.
  5. We have water, tea and coffee. If you prefer another beverage, please bring it. Even though we’re all responsible adults, no alcohol. Sorry!
  6. If you want to vote in our contest, we’ll provide the different categories on the sheets with the dish information and you can mark the ones you like. Final decisions will be made by a distinguished panel of judges—aka us!
  7. Please arrive promptly! We’ll be eating and judging 6:30 – 7:00 pm. Then at 7:15 pm, blogger/author Amy McCoy will be talking about her new book, Poor Girl Gourmet Cookbook: Eat in Style on a Bare-bones Budget.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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