Satisfying That Craving, With Your IPhone

Co-Founder & CEO of Foodspotting Alexa Andrzejewski and her husband Seth Andrzejewski spot food at Slow Club in San Francisco. (Courtesy of

Donna Kirk

When it comes to navigating the city with a serious craving, it’s not always easy to know where to go. Fortunately, Foodspotting is here, a new website and IPhone app developed to simplify that GIVE IT TO ME NOW need.

It’s pretty straightforward to use. First, type in your current location and then the desired food or drink. If it was spotted in that area and added to the site, a photo or in the case of lobster rolls in Boston, many photos will come up. You get a chance to read the buzz, see pictures of how it was presented, count how many nominations were received and finally, figure out where the restaurants are LOCATED so you can get that food FAST (map included, natch).

Courtesy of Foodspotting

According to the site, it’s easy to be a Foodspotter. If you really, really, really like what you are eating, you take a picture and post it to the site to share. “Foodseekers aren’t interested in the foods that you hate, they want to know what you love,” according to the Foodspotting founding principle #4.

In addition to helping local businesses get noticed, Foodspotting helps people from out of town locate a meal they have in mind as well as giving adventurous locals a culinary passport for their home turf.

The one downside? Let’s say you typed in a Boston zipcode to find that neighborhood’s best shawarma because…well, it’s your mom’s favorite and she’s in town.  It may be that no one has Foodspotted yet…so dear foodie, you’re on your own. This may be a major issue for less populated towns and more obscure neighborhoods since all content is obviously, user generated.

But as more and more people receive the Foodspotting Gospel and perhaps, gleefully annoy chefs with their picture snapping, Foodspotting’s #1 founding principle will indeed shine through: “It’s just about good food and where to find it.”

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