A Keeper of Bees

Photo: Courtesy of Edible Boston

Ilene Bezahler, Guest Contributor
Edible Boston

Wendy Mainardi learned to keep bees after she inherited the hives at Allandale Farm. She jumped right in – taking classes, reading and being fearless in her efforts. Her sense of humor has also helped her along the way. What else can you do but laugh when you see your entire colony fly off to settle in the highest branches of a local tree! Read about Wendy’s experiences as she goes from novice to seasoned beekeeper. You’ll find tips on cooking with honey at the end of her article, plus several recipes (including one for Labneh with honey and orange) and information about Bee School!

(Stung?! Read PRK’s post on 13-year-old, local beekeeper Orren Fox, and follow the link to hear amazing audio and the interview with Orren which aired on “Radio Boston” in July.)