Hearing Today: Boston's Food Truck Project

Photo: SierraTierra/Flickr

Today at 2:30 at Boston City Hall the future of Boston’s food truck scene is up for discussion.

The indefatigable Penny Cherubino of BostonZest.com recently posted an interview for Serious Eats with City Council President Mike Ross, in which Ross talks about the current state of the food truck scene here in town and the reasons he believes the food entrepreneurs behind the movement need to be heard out and supported in their efforts.

If you want to speak up and be heard, now’s your chance! Head to City Hall this afternoon. Or, voice your support by contacting Ross via email or snailmail; BostonZest has provided the contact information.

Follow PRK’s Jessica Alpert HERE as she makes (er, eats) her way through the 1st annual Boston Food Truck Festival held in Beantown’s South End just a few weeks ago.