Thursday Tidbits: Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo: snowy4052002/Flickr

A VERY Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers! Thank you for being a part of the PRK community, and happy eating today!


“Not So” Black Friday
Small businesses don’t get the same crazed action on Black Friday as do chain stores and shopping malls. To help out, Salem’s 62 Restaurant Wine & Bar chef and owner, Antonio Bettencourt, gives shoppers a little more incentive November 26th to spend some dough locally: he’s offering a free plate from his “Spuntini” menu (think Italian tapas) to anyone who stops by from 5-10pm with a $35+ receipt from shops, galleries, boutiques, or any other small businesses located in Salem, MA. For more information, call (978) 744-0062.

If You’re All Cooked Out…
Head to Mooo Sunday nights for a fabulous $35 three-course prix fixe meal that will get your mind off all that leftover turkey. Call (617) 670-2515 for reservations.

Get on the Train
Do you blog? Have you heard of blogging? Did you know you’re reading a blog? If you feel clueless, the BCAE is offering a December 6th class “Starting a Blog: What You Should Know.” If you think you’ve got the basics but want to take your blog to the next level, stop by December 13th for “Boost Your Blog.” So if you’ve got a passion (like, um, food), share your wisdom through your blog.

Gift with No Clutter
Tre Olive came up with a holiday gift idea that doesn’t take up any unwanted space. Adopt an authentic Italian olive tree for $110 and they’ll send you a certificate of adoption, a photo of the tree, and most importantly, three liters of extra virgin olive oil in the spring. No need to gift wrap.


Get Your Fill of Greens Today
We all know it’s important to eat your vegetables, but Time is stressing this old fact in “Study: Veggies Still Really Good for You” after the release of some new research.

The New Yorker posted the Park Avenue Hotel’s Thanksgiving menu from 1900. Some of the features: Clear green turtle (?), Diamond-back terrapin (turtle crazy?), and potted quail. Bit too fancy for my liking.

Think Twice
This is more of an international treat: The BBC reflects on the history of bottled water and what its popularity says about our culture.