How-To Passover

Photo: RonAlmog/Flickr

Earlier today Good Cook Doris posted three delicious-looking recipes for Passover. These, she promises, make up “Part I” of her dedicated Passover posts. While we wait expectantly for Part II, here are more dishes to consider before you do your weekend shopping: several matzo-based recipes from our friends at how2heroes that’ll inspire and entice you. Go on…

Plus, these….

  • Kugel (Noodle Pudding) from a mom and daughter team
  • Charoset (a “wicked easy” snack) 
  • Macaroons (these last are wheat- and gluten-free, “simple, yummy”)

Tomorrow, Jessica Alpert regales us with more Passover fare, straight from the kitchens of Boston chefs. Tune in!

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