Food Therapy from What’s Cooking in Your World?


Photo: Courtesy of What's Cooking in Your World?

Remember when we posted about What’s Cooking in Your World? It’s a great, engrossing blog, with a killer hook – Sarah Scoble Commerford plans on cooking one meal from every country in the world, in alphabetical order. A smart marketing ploy? Well, maybe. But truly, it’s a delightful one. Who doesn’t get a little thrill of discovery learning about a new place? Who doesn’t feel like an adventurer eating an exotic food? Plus, as far as blog projects go, I happen to think Commerford’s a far better, more self-effacing writer than a certain Julia Child devotee. (So where’s her book deal?!)

After just over a year of posting, she’s made it through the Ns – which, lucky for us, includes Norway and its lush, romantic, yet light cuisine. I’ve mentioned before that I have a weakness for good fish, and this Fiskesuppe – a salmon chowder – would be a good way to show a fresh catch off.

Less heavy than New England’s clam chowder, the soup is thick enough to be satisfying, but refined enough to let some seasonal colors through. I’m going crazy for the woodsy green of that dill against the pink, perfect skin of the salmon. Check it out yourself, here.

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