Food Therapy from Sweetly Serendipity

Photo: Courtesy of Sweetly Serendipity

Compared to a lot of breakfast pastries, muffins aren’t really sexy. You hear croissants and think of Paris; scones and you think of tea in London. Muffins conjure no such image – in fact, most of the time I hear the phrase “muffin top” it has nothing to do with a comforting, crispy-chewy breakfast and everything to do with too-tight jeans.

Sweetly Serendipity’s strawberry lemon-ricotta muffins, however, look pretty dreamy. Lemon and ricotta are a classic combination, of course – and while most fresh strawberries I buy this time of year are eaten fresh, raw and unadorned, I might be able to part with a handful or two if this is the result.

Mixed in an unusual batter that includes sour cream and yogurt, the muffins look simultaneously light and rich – just right for a sunny spring weekend (or even, as the case may be, a stormy one).

2 thoughts on “Food Therapy from Sweetly Serendipity

  1. Jaime Lutz

    What do you know – it was sunny today after all, and this morning I made these muffins (with goat cheese instead of ricotta, since that’s what I had on hand). They were incredible – I’d highly recommend them! The only important change I made was to add a bit of salt (about 1/2 tsp) to the batter – I’m not sure why the recipe didn’t call for that to begin with.

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