Food Therapy from My Camera Eats Food

Photo: Courtesy of Jessica Leibowitz

Jessica Leibowitz’s camera is well fed. Most recently, it tasted hand rolled corn tortillas and sipped Kahlua in Mexico.

It might be a stretch for some to think of a camera as a living thing, but Jessica makes it much easier through her beautiful food photography and videography on her blog: My Camera Eats Food. She doesn’t provide recipes, as per most Food Therapy posts in our series, but her work is awfully satisfying. Check out these photos she made for a cocktail post on Serious Eats – it almost quenches your thirst looking at them.

Want to try your hand at this art? In an April post Jessica, who works and eats in Boston (and New York City) gave three tips for taking great food photos. She said to use natural light, to change up exposure and shooting angle, and to remember to white balance.