Food Therapy from The Musing Bouche

The day's catch (Photo: courtesy of The Musing Bouche)

Today’s Food Therapy comes as a pair.

Tania, The Musing Bouche, has done some wonderful writing of late, chronicling her recent fishing expedition in Stellwagen Bank on the Cape. She hooked some cod — real “keepers” in her words — and the first of a season in which she plans to forego a CSF and catch her own fish instead.

In lieu of a formal recipe, Tania philosophizes about catching said fish and offers tips on how best to enhance its natural flavors. She wants us all to enjoy cooking cod.

Afterwards, we read about CAKE. Not cake of the super sweet or decadent chocolate ilk, but a blueberry-laden, butter and cinnamon-sugar number that meets fundamental criteria for a successful treat at sea: no forks required, doesn’t crumble, can be eaten while standing, stays intact (think: rolling waves!). Though I doubt she needs such a ‘bribe’ for her fellow fishermen, Tania brought her Blueberry Boy Bait out to Stellwagen Bank. It, too, is a keeper.

Fishermen's fare (Photo: courtesy of The Musing Bouche)