Another way to plant a tree in Massachusetts


Photo: Hannah Rosen/Flickr

We love trees here at Public Radio Kitchen. After all, that’s where mangoes come from! And lemons! And avocados!

On the other hand, I’m not a fan of those little energy bars you can get at the gym – call me a snob, but when I want a cookie or a candy bar, I’ll eat one without pretending it’s healthy because it has 30 grams of protein in it.

Still, when one peddler of those little energy bars – Odwalla, to be exact – says it will donate a tree for every person who goes through the process here, I’m not exactly conflicted about it. Yeah, Odwalla is getting some good publicity out of it – but more importantly, with a few clicks, our commonwealth can become a little greener. The company has $100,000 worth of trees to donate; so far, that’s translated into a scheduled 81 trees for the Bay State.

It’s not a bad idea – but if all this online activism has got you beat, might we suggest making your own energy bar to refuel?