Food Therapy from F2%

Photo: courtesy of Justin Ide

One of my favorite things about living in the Boston area is having access to fresh seafood. And the king of all seafoods? Why, for any New Englander, lobster of course!

Despite high prices and elaborate eating protocol (which, for many, is actually the best part), a lobster dinner is almost always worth it.

And if you want to take your tastebuds a step further (perhaps you’ve mastered the tail dissection? Or, maybe you’re afraid of exposing your amateur claw-meat extraction skills?), there’s the lobster roll—where messy meat removal is but a small step in preparing the dish.

F2%, a blog with an unusual name, whose etymology you can read about here, offers a delicious-looking recipe for a homemade lobster roll (the author is obviously a gifted photographer, as well as chef). Using vermouth and tarragon and simmering chunks of lobster meat in two sinful sticks of butter before serving, this vision-of-a-lobster roll will send you, entranced, to your local fishmonger to find the freshest “bug” for your next meal.