Food Therapy from the Italian Dish



I made a pie crust from scratch. Once. It took me all afternoon – I had to wait for the butter to chill, roll out the dough, figure out a lattice (I was ambitious) – yeah, it was a real kitchen project. Delicious, but time-consuming.

My boyfriend has been hinting lately that we should make an apple pie to herald in the autumn. My strategy, as of today, was to refocus his craving toward more time-friendly, graham crackery creations (who doesn’t love a pumpkin pie, hmm?) – but that may change. Because according to The Italian Dish, I can make a pie crust in one minute. A one-minute pie crust that could be filled with raspberries and blackberries, as beautifully pictured over on that website – or, as it were, tart granny smiths and lemon juice and dark brown sugar.


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