What Boston Eats: Pub Food in Quincy

Photo: grongar/Flickr

Happy New Year, everyone! We’re kicking off 2012 with practical local info and a laugh.

Mid-wife Sarah Kleinman, whose inimitable Boston Eats restaurant reviews appear monthly on PRK, ate at Grumpy White’s Restaurant & Pub in Quincy over the holidays. Sarah reviews Grumpy’s comfort food with two Quincy natives, born and bred, who even had their first date at the pub!

Can you say can you say “butt-ah”?

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2 thoughts on “What Boston Eats: Pub Food in Quincy

  1. J Power

    Seriously? This is a great example of someone taking themselves and their self-proclaimed culinary expertise way too seriously.

  2. Jeremy

    Nice choice of “Cannonball” by the Breeders for intro music. What else? It’s nice to have a good fried chicken (even if it’s boneless) connection in Quincy. I hope Sue recovered from the overwhelming butter incident. I like seeing the food in the restaurant, on camera. The review was a tad on the needlessly-perky side, but the information was useful. I think I need to visit this nicely put-together operation.