Food Therapy from The Hungry Mouse

Photo: shyb/Flickr

Some recipes just pop out at you. Perfect! Whoot! Fits the bill. We think this is one of them.

Salem-based The Hungry Mouse has created a New England Harvest Turnover using tart apples, salty bacon and sharp cheddar cheese. This makes for irresistible, savory-sweet fare that is easily altered if a vegetarian option is what you seek.

The Mouse plainly acknowledges her experimentation on behalf of Pepperidge Farm, whose puff pastry she rolls and flours into ship-shape. But you certainly can knead your own if you’re feeling adventuresome and have the extra bit of time. (PRK’s Jaime Lutz once featured how to make pie dough in 1 minute! Try?)

Choose your pastry as you will, but the ingredients in these turnovers look perfectly suited, one to the next. And here’s to the “New England” theme of The Hungry Mouse’s recipe — a fitting tee-up to the weekend weather and game. Go Pats!


One thought on “Food Therapy from The Hungry Mouse

  1. J Power

    Important note: Puff pastry and pie dough are not at all the same. Besides the obvious difference in the end result, the time involved to make each is vastly different (and you will never find a 1 minute puff pastry recipe).