PRK On The Air: Chef Barton Seaver and Abby Goodnough

Oysters (photo: dominic bartolini/Flickr)

Lots of buzz about seafood this week. And the weekend has only just begun.

Listen to Radio Boston’s interview with journalist/Boston bureau chief Abby Goodnough in the wake of the controversial story she reported in Sunday’s NY Times “A Ban on Seafood Has Some Fishermen Fuming.” The ban comes from Whole Foods, and the fuming fishermen fish our New England waters. It’s a high-profile stand by Whole Foods that has serious local repercussions.

Radio Boston also spent time talking with Chef Barton Seaver, gleaning from him the culinary miracles of fresh fish and the importance of our behavior as consumers of fish.

Both Goodnough and Seaver will participate in the Let’s Talk About Food New England Sustainable Seafood Teach-In this Sunday at Harvard. Tickets are available at the LTAF website.