Thursday Tidbits: Jam Session

Photo: Rachel Tayse/Flickr


Jam Session
This Sunday, June 3, Formaggio Kitchen is hosting a jam-making class featuring Rachel Saunders, founder of Blue Chair Fruit Company in San Fran’s Bay Area. You do not need to bring your own fruit, but you will take two jars of jam home! Details here.

I went to a Garden Party
Also this Sunday, June 3, from 5-7pm, Ashmont Grill is hosting a Garden Party, the proceeds from which will support the inchoate Boston Public Market. Locally-sourced cocktails and appetizers on the menu!

Dining Out?

Here’s a nod to our friends at, who’ve got a rockin’ calendar of dining-out-related events in Boston and surrounds — all flavors, all sizes, all food groups. Dine out, dine well.


High Fructose Corn Syrup: Here to Stay
In name, anyway. The FDA has just rejected a bid by the Corn Refiner’s Association to change the name of their product. Here’s why.

When in New York…
Don’t. Meaning, steer yourself clear of the city’s weight problem (more than half of its adults are purportedly obese or overweight). Mayor Bloomberg would like to help. His administration has proposed a far-reaching, but controversial, ban on the sale of large-size sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants, movie theaters and street carts, in a proactive move against rising rates of obesity.

“Not Just For Hiding In”
This quote comes from an LA Times writer talking about nothing other than shrubs: several Los Angeles mixologists are adding them to their summer cocktails for a exciting, if little expected, twist on garnishes. Even if it is West Coast-centric, this article by Jessica Gelt is a fascinating piece on trends.

American Grown
Michelle Obama’s new book, American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America, is scheduled for sale this Tuesday. It’s not simply a chronicle of the First Lady’s initiative with the White House garden and her campaign against childhood obesity, it’s got recipes, advice, statistics and tips. The NY Times reports.


Dream, Dream Dream
Who wouldn’t dream of taking a Moroccan cooking class in Marrakesh? The sustainable farm venue a 20-minute drive from the fabled city sounds divine, but there are loads more to choose from. Read here.