Wednesday Roundup: Slogging Through The Slush

Published January 19, 2011

Good Wednesday morning — hope your feet are staying dry. Trying to feed a parking meter lately is next to impossible.

A Boston attorney has named publicly 117 priests accused of sexual abuse. The attorney, Mitchell Garabedian, apparently names only those priests involved in cases he litigated. Although the priests named admitted no wrongdoing in legal settlements, Garabedian said he is certain of their guilt.

Friends and public servants are remembering Sargent Shriver, whom President Obama called the “brightest light of the greatest generation.” Shriver biographer Scott Stossel wrote a lovely, must-read remembrance of the man who founded the Peace Corps and helped launch two presidents. I wrote Shriver’s obituary yesterday.

The second in command at the state’s Probation Department has resigned in scandal, following her boss’s resignation at the end of last month. “I submit this resignation so my family can begin to move forward,” said Elizabeth Tavares.

Today is Boycott A Meeting Day.