Monday Morning: I Can’t Feel My Toes

Published January 24, 2011

Polar bear in the snow

This polar bear is cold. (ucumari/Flickr)

Good morning! Now this is cold, apparently the coldest day in Boston in more than six years. In some areas, just 10 minutes of skin exposure can result in frostbite. Expect below-zero temps this morning to get into the low teens by the afternoon.

A handful of schools are on cold-weather delay. WCVB has the list. On the MBTA, there are service alerts on 13 bus lines and nearly all subway lines. Commuter trains are delayed 20 minutes. Universal Hub says it best: Like you, the T didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.

Oh, and a major snowstorm is arriving Wednesday.

Expedia is selling flights to Miami, departing from Logan Airport today, for about $235, including taxes and fees.

In other news…

The Globe reporters former gubernatorial candidate and Treasurer Tim Cahill may be under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The federal agency subpoenaed documents about Cahill’s dealings with Goldman Sachs, the investment firm.

The Herald’s Joe Battenfeld talks with lawmakers about the the Twitter ban at the State House. “We should also ban solitaire, Bejeweled and Farmville,” said Sen. Robert Hedlund (R-Weymouth). People on Twitter are, unsurprisingly, incensed.

The lawyer for ex-City Councillor Chuck Turner is begging mercy for his client, who is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow. As I reported last week, prosecutors recommend three-and-a-half years of prison time for Turner, who was convicted of taking a bribe.

How are you staying warm this morning?