Soup Galore

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Susan McCrory
Research by Abby Conway

With President’s Day weekend at our doorstep, we thought the theme of SOUP would be a fitting start to the long weekend. You’ve got more time to cook, it’s cold out there and gang-busters soup with a chunk of hearty bread tops the list of Great Winter Comfort Food! Here are a few ideas:

Winter Soup (with celeriac and chick peas) from Wicked Tasty Harvest. Check out that gnarly parsnip!

Sweet Potato and Sausage Soup from We Are Not Martha.

Nearly drowning in the white stuff, a majorly snowed-in cook in the D.C. area sought refuge in a soup she created off the cuff and now forgets. But she says it’s a lot like the Moroccan Lentil and Spinach Soup from The Creative Pot.

Erin Cooks had a go at this flavor-full Roasted Butternut Squash Soup and Curry Condiments (and check out those Valentine’s Day molasses cookies!)  

Cooking 4 the Week offers up a Black Bean Soup with Savory Cream with a short list of more soups to try and a recent post on no-knead bread. ‘Not sure about you, but the prospect of kneading dough makes me freeze up! This looks goooood.

Finally, did you catch the news of the “Let’s Move” initiative being spearheaded by First Lady Michelle Obama? With the full backing of the White House, she’s kicking off a national movement promoting more play (read: exercise) and healthier eating (read: less sugar and fat) in our nation’s children in an effort to combat and eventually eliminate childhood obesity.

We can all draw from that, no?

Eat soup, play lots, and have a great President’s Day weekend, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Soup Galore

    1. smccrory

      Once you post it, let us know, Megan! I made lentil soup in our crockpot over the weekend–very simple ingredients but lots of spices (including oregano, which I threw in on a whim and really liked) and it HIT THE SPOT.