Thursday Tidbits

Abby Conway

The Super Breakfast Bowl Challenge – MET!
The Super Breakfast Bowl Challenge winners are starting to roll in! Last week we wrote about the Super creative contest organized by Jessica at A Fete for Food and four of her foodie pals. The goal? To incorporate some ultra-nutritious ingredients into your breakfast meal that wouldn’t normally be there. The winners for avocado, flax seed, lentils and quinoa have been announced thus far, with recipes ranging from Rocky Road Oatmeal (that’s the avocado one) to Pear-Lentil Patties. Kiss that morning bowl of Cheerios goodbye. Hello quinoa!

The Art of Eating In
Cathy Erway’s book The Art of Eating In is out on stands today. Erway authored the blog Not Eating Out in New York, which documented her two- year hiatus from New York City’s food scene. Her new book chronicles the more personal aspects of her time spent eating in: crafting cheap recipes to suit her busy lifestyle, exploring the city’s home-cooking culture, learning where food comes from and what goes into producing it.

Amateur Cooks (of Lamb) Wanted
On February 28th the Middle East is hosting Matt Timm’s Lamb Takedown and they’re asking brave amateur cooks to step up. Timm began producing ‘chili takedowns’ in Brooklyn in 2005. Since then, the ingredients and locales have changed and grown. For the Feb. 28th event, cooks will be given 15 lbs of lamb to prepare any which way they please. Not interested in actually rolling up your sleeves? $15 will get you in the door and sampling each creation.

Soda: the new tobacco?
In last Friday’s article in The New York Times, Mark Bittman compared sugar-sweetened beverage manufacturers to those of tobacco. Their marketing practices are similar in the eyes of their critics–heavily weighted towards children, with disputable claims that their beverages are healthy or, at worst, benign, and intense lobbying efforts to prevent change. Sellers of the sweet stuff point out that soda is safe in moderate amounts and not addictive. The article weighs the viability of a soda tax as both a check on consumption and a means of paying for anti-obesity campaigns. The idea of such a tax is controversial, to say the least. What’s your take?

Go Kimchi Crazy
Think you’ve got the best kimchi recipe? Now is your chance to share your pickled delights with the world (well, with Boston, for starters). The Greater Boston Kimchi Festival is set for Sunday, March 21st, and currently accepting entries. Competitors seeking bragging rights can enter their kimchi into several categories, including local, traditional and innovative. Organizers of the event are also offering entertainment, cooking demonstrations and door prizes. Proceeds will help restore the Theodore Parker Unitarian Universalist Church in West Roxbury, whose mission includes promoting environmental stewardship and sustainable agriculture.